Robert Crotty

Robert-Croty-b&wRobert’s career has spanned 18+ years in the film industry from feature film development and financing, post-production, vfx, home entertainment marketing, digital asset management and workflow software.

He began in feature film postproduction, where he produced the digital effects for studio films such as Dr. Dolittle, Virus, The General’s Daughter, and Godzilla.   Robert went on to produce extended and director’s cuts for such films as Angels & Demons, Ghost Rider and Donnie Brasco, and managed production for creative content and menus for DVDs and Bluray. Based on his success, he was tapped by Sony to parachute into various departments to manage marketing campaigns for the domestic and international marketing teams.

Currently, Robert is serving as the VP of Business Development for 5th Kind, an industry pioneer in digital asset management software for feature films, studios and creative industries engaging with clients such as Marvel Studios, Warner Bros., Nissan North America, Rovio Entertainment, Toyota Motor Sales, NASA and many more.