Cycle 3 Applications

Due to the overwhelming response of applicants in cycles 1 and 2 and the substantial amount of current companies in our pipeline, our third cycle is going to look a bit different.

We will be looking for exceptional properties on a case-by-case basis beginning August 25, 2016 and customizing a pipeline around those projects’ particular needs.  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the slots for cycle 3 are filled.

Only a few slots…

There are only a few slots in cycle 3, so we are looking for exceptional projects.

What do we consider exceptional?

  • standout properties that only need to be polished
  • properties that have strong, established teams
  • properties that have significant talent already attached
  • properties that have partial financing already in place/ LOIs in place

For cycle 3, properties may fit into one of the following categories:

  • Property acceleration  – where the GVS Accelerator focuses on polishing and packaging a standout property submitted to the Accelerator
  • Co-production – where an established entertainment company brings a polished script as well as talent and/or co-production financing to the table

Submissions for consideration may only be submitted through:

  1. An established industry agency, management or law firm.

    Agents, managers, attorneys fill out the form at this link: Industry Recommendation Form

  2. Additionally, individuals/companies may submit on the basis of a recommendation from a champion from one of the following programs:

    * Creative Lab Hawaii
    * Creative Industries Division
    * Any Startup Paradise Accelerator or Fund
    * Faculty or adjunct Faculty from any University of Hawai‘i campus
    * Faculty or adjunct Faculty from any Hawai‘i Pacific University
    * Angel Investor or Fund
    * Faculty or adjunct Faculty from any other Public/Private University

    Champion Recommendations may be made here: Champion Recommendation Form

  3. Finally, if you are unable to submit under the criteria of number 1 or 2 above, you may complete a release form and will be given instructions on how to give a “Boardroom Pitch” for a chance to apply.Please download the GVS Transmedia Accelerator Program Application Release 2016 and email the completed form to You will be sent instructions on how to proceed.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not email or otherwise submit any materials except what you are directed to through the application process. Any unsolicited submissions will be deleted.